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Novaro Exhibits
Joseph Novaro (4), following in the footsteps of his father.
Jean-Claude Novaro
The Galerie du Patrimoine Biot, France
Jean-Claude Novaro, the renowned French glassmaker currently has 20 works on display at The Courtyard in Dubai. Novaro, who calls himself an inventor and a philosopher, has had a lifelong passion for the art of glassblowing that began at the age of 14. By the time he was 30, he had established his own glass-blowing factory, where his passion became a full-time opportunity.
Novaro’s creative process involves visualizing the color and design and then blowing the glass until he gets the desired effect. The artist has also devised a method of spraying 24-carat liquid gold into glass, which is made possible because of the different melting points between gold and glass.
His work has been purchased by thousands of admirers throughout the world, with clients that include entertainer Bill Cosby, heavyweight champ Mike Tyson, and the world famous chef Alain Ducasse. Novaro’s glass creations are on display in museums in Saint Louis, New York, Phoenix, San Diego, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Chicago. He is currently preparing for an exhibition in Australia and in Dubai and has been commissioned by the Nice Civil Aviation Authority to create a glasswork for the arrivals lounge at the Nice airport.
When you visit M. Novaro at his home, you come upon a very simple house surrounded by trees and plants. His works are placed tastefully throughout his house, along with souvenirs from Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia collected from his various travels. Novaro enjoys fine cuisine and spending time with his family, which remain the center of his life. For the christening of his son on April 1, 2001, he had a wine specially bottled for the occasion. Artist Rama Sorkine created the strikingly beautiful label.
Novaro, 58, works full time at his craft, creating up to 1,000 pieces each year. "What amazes me is that each piece is unique. I don’t think I’ll be able to retire from this," he said.

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