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 Illustrated Samples October 1982 - December 1990
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 MIFED 2001
Magazine Highlights
▪ Australian Tax Shelters How To Make Them Work,
  When They Will Not Work

▪ Sacker & Savay-Ross Right On CUE
  Creative Union Entertainment, a new international
  distribution and financing company.

▪ The Niche That Drives An Independent Mode
  Etchie Stroh’s Collaboration with Samuel Hadida.

▪ U.S. Takes Action On Runaway Production
▪ Gina Rowlands in Prophecy Mrs. Ritchie Project
▪ Preacher In Production
▪ Filming In California - The States First Program
▪ Four Key Appointments Expand Senator International
  American Psycho II
from Lions Gate Films
 MIPCOM 2001
Briefs Highlights
▪ Citizen Kane Orson Welles 60th Anniversary
▪ Diversity Strides on Showtime Networks
▪ Hispanic Broadcasting In Acquisition Mode
▪ Ticketing Technology Premieres In Las Vegas
▪ Nelvana Launches Live Action Series
▪ Lakeshore International Highlights Purpose
▪ Marco & Gina A European Initiative
▪ India Captures Venice Lion
▪ Magic Johnson Foundation’s Fourth Mardi Gras
▪ ZDF Enterprises Archive Website Launched
▪ Panasonic Develops Chip For Implementation
  Of Digital Television
Women Of Valor/td>
from Keller Entertainment
Group, Inc.
Feature Highlights

Focus On New Zealand - A Business Of Film Special Feature Cannes 2001: The Last Bastion of Raw Enthusiastic & Committed Talent.
Getting to Know the Players in the New Zealand Film Industry

Price Point Necessary To Achieve Profitability
A regular contributor to The Business Of Film, Greg Bernstein takes a look at the overall marketing of movies.  All too often independent producers make movies without a clear view as to whether they are marketable.

 Briefs Highlights
▪ Hispanic Heritage Month
▪ Dean Cundey Named UCLA Cinematographer

▪ Latino Film Festival Product Boost

▪ Arizona Advances E-Film Solutions

▪ Sullivan Launches Feature Film Division

▪ P
eppermint Concludes Pivotal Deal

▪ DeAngelis Inks New Deals

▪ The Autumn Film Market Re-organizes
  The Cats Meow
Lionsgate Entertainment
 MIPTV 2001
Feature Highlights

New Music Network Hits US. Airways
Micheline Keller Vice-Chairman of Independent
Music Network Studio M talks to The Business Of Film

Nelvana’s Committed Production Children's Genre
Nets Solid Revenue Base.

The Business Of Film looks at Nelvana’s growth as
it celebrates it’s 30th year.

  Brief Highlights
▪ Mondo Spotlights Animation At MIPTV
▪ Guillane Acquires Book Division
▪ Channel 4 Unveils Eclectic Slate
▪ Actor Sharon Stone Narrates For NGC
▪ Pearson Creates $150 m Fund
▪ First Annual Sho.com Awards
▪ RightsCenter.com Film Rights Directory
▪ Crown Media Enters Interactive TV Race
▪ Avid Surviving In The Oz Outback
  Vine International
 AFMA 2001
Feature Highlights

The Intangible Assets Needed To Succeed
Trevor Short CFO of Nu Image one again shares his views in a one-on-one with The Business Of Film
Citizen Kane Orson Welles 60th Anniversary

How The Monopoly Act of 1936 and Deregulation
Have Affected Society:  An Independents View from Andrew Milner
 Briefs Highlights
▪ A Passion For The Obscure
▪ New Cannon Debuts At AFM
▪ Regent To Distribute Deep Freeze
▪ Lions Gate Films Screens Eight
▪ Promark Announces Three New Features
▪ Myriad Introduces New Titles At AFM
▪ Enemy At The Gates German Opening
▪ Skandia Acquires Equity Stake In FCB

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