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 Cannes Film Festival 2001
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May 12 Edition
Patrice Aubrey on Chasing
Cybersquatting On The Internet
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mentioned in the article:

CPR Institue For Dispute Resolution


National Arbitration Forum
 May 13 Edition
Hary Hicks of Baker Tilly, UK Tax Breaks and
Fiscal Incentives Greg S. Bernstein, The Lowdown
on The State of Film Financing
 Co-inventor of the “Secret Communication System,” which today is known as “spread spectrum,” Hedy Lamarr helped to set the groundwork for some of the most revolutionary technologies of our time.
 May 14 Edition
Nigel Bennett, Co-Production Treaties With The United Kingdom - An Overview

Find out more at www.hedylamarr.org
 May 15 Edition
Steve McMellon of Baker Tilly, An Animation Odyssey 2001 - Part I
 May 16 Edition
Steve McMellon of Baker Tilly, An Animation Odyssey 2001 - Part II

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